Women are not the only ones who use cosmetic procedures to transform their bodies. More men than ever are choosing laser treatments to melt their fat away and achieve the body they have always wanted. At Dermatology Center of Washington Township, our certified estheticians provide exceptional laser services to both men and women, including the TruSculpt Body Sculpting System. We have spoken with a few of our male patients, and below are some of the reasons that they decided that TruSculpt was right for them.

1. Non-Invasive & Pain-Free

TruSculpt is a gentle, effective laser procedure that the majority of our patients find to be virtually painless. During each treatment, your esthetician administers pulses of radiofrequency waves into the areas you want to target, heating fat cells and causing them to shrink. Over the following one to three months, the fat cells flush out of your system and the underlying layer of fat is reduced.

In our practice, most of the men who choose TruSculpt have reported that the targeted areas feel mildly uncomfortably warm during the first one to two minutes of treatment, but it is very easy to tolerate after that. If you have any concerns about pain or discomfort during treatment, talk to your esthetician beforehand and we will be happy to accommodate however we can.

2. No Downtime Necessary

Since TruSculpt is not a surgical procedure like liposuction, it does not require recovery time after the treatment. Many of our male patients run on a tight schedule and do not have the time to invest in surgery and post-op recovery. Much like a typical gym session, each TruSculpt session takes approximately one hour. Some of our patients even have found that they can fit a session in a visit to our Sewell office during their lunch break. TruSculpt is a great body sculpting solution for patients who need flexibility with their treatment sessions.

3. More Subtle Results Over Time

We empathize with some of our patients who do not feel comfortable telling their friends that they are using a body-contouring treatment. In these situations, we highly recommend TruSculpt or another radiofrequency treatment over liposuction or surgery.

Many of the men we see prefer multiple sessions of TruSculpt rather than liposuction or surgery because of it delivers results over a longer period of time. With surgical procedures, the results are apparent overnight. TruSculpt subtly changes your body over a longer period of time, meaning the results are less evident and appear more natural. For our patients who are not comfortable sharing that they are being treated with TruSculpt, they can easily pass off the weight loss and improvement to their appearance with an increased workout routine or a healthier diet.

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As with any cosmetic procedure, we encourage patients to explore all of their options and have realistic expectations of results before committing to treatment. Though TruSculpt is an ideal solution for most of our patients seeking to change their bodies, it cannot be used as treatment for patients who are pregnant, have cardiac pacemakers or internal defibrillators, or have tumors or metallic implants of any kind in the targeted area. For more information about TruSculpt, Botox, or any of our other dermatology services, please contact our Sewell dermatologist office by calling (856) 589-3331. We look forward to hearing from you soon!